Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Denver Colorado Jobs Supported by Broadband Funding

A new round of federal funding will help increase Internet access and support many Denver Colorado jobs (Click here).

The U.S. Department of Commerce National Telecommunication and Information Administration recently awarded $15.4 million in broadband grants from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to the Adams County Communications Center and the Governor's Office of Information Technology.

The Adams County Communications Center will receive $12.1 million to provide wireless high-speed Internet access to 2,000 first responders - including police officers, firefighters, and paramedics - throughout the county, at Denver International Airport, and in neighboring towns.

The funding will be sued to build a wireless Long Term Evolution or 4G cellular data network to meet the mobile data needs of emergency responders. It also will connect local 911 call centers, municipal governments, and school districts.

The Adams County E-911 Emergency Telephone Service Authority and Denver International Airport will provide matching funds of $5.9 million to provide pre-existing fiber optic cable, broadcast towers, and staffing.
The Governor's Office of Information Technology will get $3.3 million to continue a broadband mapping and planning project it started at the end of last year. The funding will extend the project for three years and increase public access to high-speed Internet throughout the State of Colorado.

OIT will provide another $1 million to improve interactive distance learning in schools, $300,000 more to create a Web-based portal that will make state data more widely available, and additional funding to create a statewide database of addresses needed for broadband mapping.

"The Recovery Act is helping emergency responders to use advanced communications technology to improve response times and overall public safety across Adams County, nearby communities and at DIA," Gov. Bill Ritter said. "These are the latest of a series of significant grants that will accelerate the expansion of the state's high-speed Internet network, which is critical to reaching our educational and economic goals."


Thursday, September 23, 2010


San Antonio Insurance Jobs for Auto Damage Appraisers

Take a look at what it's like to be an auto damage insurance appraiser, one of the most important San Antonio insurance jobs.

After you get in a wreck, auto damage insurance appraisers are the people who evaluate damage to your vehicle in order to determine both how much it will cost to repair the vehicle and how much it will cost to settle an insurance claim.

Insurance appraisers often try to bargain with repair shops to get the best deal on fixing the vehicle, which will in turn save the insurance company money. They also may prepare insurance forms to show repair costs, estimates, and recommendations.

The amount of education required to become an auto damage insurance appraiser typically depends on the employer, although a high school diploma is usually the minimum requirement, and most employers prefer to hire applicants that have a college degree. Take a look at this auto insurance appraiser job description.

Employers also often prefer to hire people who have some insurance-related work experience, vocational training, or enough knowledge and technical skills to be able to identify and estimate repair costs. You also may have to undergo a Texas records (Click here) check.

Employment throughout Texas is expected to increase from 750 workers during 2006 to 900 workers by 2016, accounting for 150 additional jobs and an overall growth rate of 20 percent, according to the Texas Workforce Commission.

Nationwide, employment of auto damage insurance appraisers is anticipated to grow from 13,399 workers during 2006 to 15,078 workers by 2016, resulting in 1,700 additional jobs and an overall increase of 12.7 percent.

The majority of these employees, or 47.86 percent, work for agencies, brokerages, and other insurance related activities. The remainder of employees, or 46.61 percent, work for insurance carriers.

During 2009, auto damage insurance appraisers in Texas earned an average wage of $31.28 per hour, while those throughout the United States earned an average wage of $27.01 per hour.


Thursday, September 16, 2010


Austin Tech Jobs Created by TETF Investment

A new round of funding will help create more Austin tech jobs.

The Texas Emerging Technology Fund recently announced that it will invest $1.5 million in FibeRio Corporation. The funding will be used to develop the company's proprietary equipment that fabricates nanofibers.

"Texas' thriving biotechnology sector has given rise to innovative research and technologies, thanks in part to investments through the Texas Emerging Technology Fund," Gov. Rick Perry said. "FibeRio’s technology will help improve the process in which nanofibers are made by improving upon current technology."

Forcespinning - the technology created by FibeRio - helps to increase the speed of nanofiber production. Nanofibers have unique properties that greatly broaden the material's applications and capabilities.

The Forcespinning technology can produce nanowires, nanofibers, and nanotubes without using electrostatic force, which allows for simpler and more versatile nanofiber production.

The TETF was created in 2005 by the Texas Legislature and was reauthorized in 2007 and 2009. The $200 million initiative is supported by a 17-member advisory committee of high-tech leaders, entrepreneurs, and research experts who review potential projects.

To date, TETF has allocated more than $160 million in funding to 114 early state companies, and $161 million in grant matching and research funds to universities throughout Texas.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Non Profit Jobs in Houston Grow During Recession

Good news for anyone with or looking for non profit jobs in Houston.

A recent study from the Center for Civil Society Studies at the Johns Hopkins Institute for Policy Studies found that nonprofit employers throughout the nation are actually adding jobs and doing their part to improve the depressed economy. Check out this social service worker job description.

After analyzing data from 21 states, the study found that nonprofit employment grew by an average of 2.5 percent each year between 2007 and 2009. In comparison, for-profit employment decreased by 3.3 percent during the same period of time. If you're a nonprofit employer looking to hire workers, check out these employee background check services.

Another plus - nonprofit employment actually grew more during the economic recession than it did in previous years. An increase of only 2.3 percent was seen on average each year between 2001 and 2007, and even that was higher than the .2 percent growth seen in the for-profit industry during that time.

"That nonprofit organizations have been able to increase employment in the face of the most severe recession since the Great Depression is a testament to the effectiveness of the federal stimulus program, which channeled assistance to many nonprofit organizations, and to the resilience and determination of nonprofit leaders and those who support them in the public and private sectors," Lester M. Salamon, director of the Center for Civil Society Studies and author of the study, told The JHU Gazette.

"But this accomplishment, impressive though it is, still leaves many needs unmet and many organizations and regions under severe strain," he continued.

Some nonprofit industries did see lower-than-average employment growth between 2007 and 2009. For instance, employment in nursing homes increased by 1.8 percent, while employment in social assistance grew by 1.4 percent.

When it comes to individual states, some saw much lower growth than average as well. Increases of .7 percent in New Jersey, 1.3 percent in both Michigan and Indiana, 1.4 percent in Ohio, and 1.5 percent in Illinois were below the national average.


Friday, September 3, 2010


Los Angeles Engineering Jobs for Biomedical Engineers

There will be a huge number of Los Angeles engineering jobs available for biomedical engineers during the near future.

Biomedical engineers use the principles of biology, medicine, and engineering to develop devices and procedures that solve health-related problems. They often work with life scientists, chemists, and medical scientists to develop and evaluate products. Check out this engineering technician job description.

Most employers require applicants for biomedical engineering jobs to have a bachelor's degree in engineering with a concentration in biomedical engineering or a related field. Employees also should have advanced computer skills and may be required to let an employer complete a California criminal records check.

There were about 1.6 million engineers throughout the nation during 2008, with about 16,000 of those jobs belonging to biomedical engineers, according to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Employment in the engineering industry as a whole should grow by 11 percent by 2018, while employment in the biomedical engineering sector should increase by 72 percent, meaning there will be many available jobs.

According to the California Employment Development Department, employment of biomedical engineers in Los Angeles County is expected to increase from 190 workers during 2006 to 230 workers by 2016, accounting for 40 additional jobs and a growth rate of 21.1 percent.

Employment throughout California is anticipated to grow from 3,100 workers during 2008 to 5,600 workers by 2018, resulting in 2,500 additional jobs and an overall increase of 80.6 percent.

During 2010, the median wage for biomedical engineers in Los Angeles County was $39.93 per hour or $83,057 per year, while the median wage throughout California was $43.25 per hour or $89,967 per year.



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