Saturday, July 25, 2009


Bilingual Job Site Launched

Finding a job in a struggling economy can come down to whether of not you possess certain skills. Being bilingual, for example, can make you much more marketable than other job seekers. This is particularly true if the language skills you have are in Spanish.

Due to a continuously growing Hispanic population, the need for people who can speak both Spanish and English is ever increasing. Positions range from customer service and call center work to jobs at hospitals acting as an interpreter to improve patient care. These jobs may it possible for the employer to reach customers they would otherwise not be able to communicate with.

Looking for these job listings amongst all of the other available positions can take some time. Because of this, one new job search site has decided to make this easier on bilingual workers.

According to a recent press release, launched on July 17th. This website hopes to give job seekers the convenience of finding bilingual positions without having to waste time surfing through irrelevant job advertisements. It combines listings from several reputable job boards, enabling workers to find all of these positions in one spot. Despite the fact that it does focus primarily on positions for Spanish speakers, it does have listings for English speakers, too.

On top of this, the website offers information for job seekers so that they can better improve there chances of finding employment. Both articles and relevant links are made available.

In order to increase the number of jobs available on the site, has been set up in a way that allows employers to post new positions in a matter of minutes. Since the website offers this level of convenience, trying to recruit new workers for bilingual positions won’t cut in to the office place efficiency.

Individuals who are interested in finding a bilingual job should know that there is a high chance that they will be asked to prove their skills through a proficiency test before being hired. Simply receiving an A in an entry level college class is not enough.

Those who think they may enjoy having this type of job but lack the language skills should know that classes are available in variety of places. There are even computer programs that can be purchased to assist in learning Spanish. If followed through with discipline, investing in such things can really pay off.

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